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A good place to start is to get in touch with us on or call Cazza Downing  on 07736 217172

Will I need to provide sound equipment?

In MOST cases no. Ratrace offers its own complete sound system with a technician. Which will cover all standard gigs.

When will the band arrive for setup etc?

The band always aims to arrive at least 2 hours before each gig, and will always be setup and sound checked within this time.

If required at specific times, please ask in your enquiries. 

Will Ratrace Travel?

RATRACE travel Worldwide. We will travel anywhere, providing we can come to an arrangement. Depending on distance,

Ratrace may require accomodation, travel expenses and food / drink allowances.

I am organising a festival will Ratrace play? ​Ratrace have played hundreds of festivals and always go down well.

Charity/fundraising event will ratrace play?

​Ratrace have always done more than there fair share of these event types every year. Please call us in request for these events.


How long will Ratrace play for?​ Ratrace offer a range of set options to suit your event. But our usual playing times are 2 x 1hr sets


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