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So you want to book the band? heres a few things to know before you book!

Booking Ratrace is as easy as 123! A good place to start is to get in touch with us on or call Chris on 07887480967. Please find a handy FAQ on this page.

For an average party or pub/club it should easily be aquired this way.


The setlist

Watermelon man


Sally Brown

Lip Up Fatty

Viva Le Ska

Moshes Bar

Message To You Rudy

Baggy Trousers


Bitter And Twisted



Wooly Bully

Long Shot

Queen Of The World


Pig Bag

Judge Rudi

Sunday Driver

Dance Like A Rasta

Lay Down The Law

Ska Family

Simmer Down

Special Brew

Guns Of Navarone

Jane Bondage

Do Rocksteady

Johnny Reggae


Al Capone

True Confessions

Mirror In The Bathroom

Tom Hark

Public Enemy

Hearing Voices

Rankin Full Stop

Monkey Man

Now I Know Better

Into Action

Your Wondering Now


Pressure Drop

Let your yeah be yeah

The Harder They Come

Black Cat



Feel free to get in touch



Who should I contact for a booking?

Chris at  -   -   or call Chris on 07887480967

Will I need to provide sound equipment?

In MOST cases no. Ratrace offers its own complete sound system with a technician.

which will cover all standard gigs.

When will the band arrive for setup etc?

The band always aims to arrive at least 2 hours before each gig, and will always be setup and sound checked within this time.

If required at specific times, please ask in your enquiries. Saturdays and Sundays are usually okay. Weekdays however you will need to keep in mind that all the band work full time, so setups before 6pm will need to be agreed with our management.

Will Ratrace Travel?

We will travel anywhere, providing we can come to an arrangement.. Depending on distance, Ratrace may require Accomodation, travel expenses and food / drink allowances.

This will be negotiated however and most people will find this suprisingly affordable.

I am organising a festival will Ratrace play?

Ratrace have played hundreds of festivals and always go down well resulting in many repeat bookings.

Will Ratrace deal with all publicity for my gig? e.g newspaper, media, ads, radio, online / posters.

No ratrace cannot be responsible for large scale promotion. Ratrace will on request however provide posters. Your gig will always be advertised on our websites, our facebook pages and on myspace. Ratrace have a loyal and large fanbase and this kind of advertising will always secure a good audience.

Please use photos and media of ratrace of which include the current lineup, Ratrace will contact you and kindly request old media be changed. For accepted photos/videos please speak to our manager. However you may use any photo or video on this website.

Please always link to your promotions.

I am organising a charity / fundraising event will ratrace play?

Ratrace have always done more than there fair share of these event types every year, and we do enjoy supporting a "quota" of these.

Please bear in mind when enquiring some of our members travel very far for every gig and do not live locally and therefore pay a lot in fuel.

Other members work full time and may have to take time off work to do these gigs.

Ratrace are always good at filling these events and helping you to promote them, and ticket sales alone more than often cover the hire of the band plus make you a return for your chosen charity. Ratrace have a proven track record of greatly successful chairty / fundrasing gigs.

How long will Ratrace play for?

Ratrace offer a range of set options to suit your event.. Our most popular are..

The 2x 1 hour sets

Ratrace will play for example a one hour set starting at 9pm til 10, with a half hour break. And then will continue for another hour from 10:30 til 11:30. This is usually the most popular option especially with parties as it means they can include a disco. Also popular with clubs who may run raffles, bingo and other draws. Ratrace will always put an mp3 on before the show and during our breaks, to keep the atmosphere flowing.

The 2 hour set

A popular option for venues who like to finish a little earlier... Ratrace will perform two hours of solid music e.g 9 til 11.

We can also tailor our sets for festivals, if shorter ones are required just let us know in advance!

Can Ratrace Learn a song for me?

It's sometimes but not always possible.. If this is required please let us know well in advance of your event.


Can I acquire a stage plan for our event?

Yes ratrace can supply a full stage plan for your event. Especially handy for festivals and live music venues, or anywhere that you are providing the PA.


​ Do Ratrace offer support slots?

Ratrace always love to offer other musicians the oppurtunity of a support slot.

Please contact us with details of your band and we will help you out where possible.

If the venue would like to offer a support band, please give Ratrace notice.


Please note ratrace will reserve the right to sell official merchandise at every gig unless otherwise agreed.

Deposits maybe required for long distance gigs.

ratrace reserve the right to admit AT LEAST one guest per member to your venue not allowing this may be considered a breach of agreement.

Cancellation of any gig without a good period of notice may mean we require a deposit to secure any future gig at that venue.

Ratrace require a safe area to setup and prefer a raised stage for safety reasons.

no venue should hand over any money to anyone except Mr Chris Onions or an appointed band member in his absence.

Ratrace reserve the right to continue to use backstage facilities after there performance during other acts. Unless prior notice is given.

Ratrace Booking FAQs

Do Ratrace offer a disco Package?

Ratrace can sometimes offer this option.

This can be arranged through our manager who will discuss options and pricing.

Your details were sent successfully!

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